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Lackluster Offense and Lee's Dominance Highlight A's Weaknesses

Well, the A's are nothing if not predictable. They had one shot at Cliff Lee (in the very first inning, no less), and scored a measly single run; the only run they would score in the game. (A triple by Barton, followed by a double by Suzuki, for those who care.)

Here are some of the problems with this A's team:

1) I would have been embarrassed to turn in the lineup card tonight.

Sure, Cliff Lee dominates lefties and well, everybody (Side Note: Daric Barton had two singles and a triple today, making that…um… THREE hits for a lefty), but wow, Adam Rosales? (Not that Cust necessarily would have been better; he also pulled a hat trick against Lee in the last series, but honestly, where is Chris Carter?) In case you want to know specifics, here's a summary of Rosales' night against Lee:

Pitch 1 - Foul
Pitch 2 - Foul
Pitch 3 - Swing, miss (K)
Pitch 4 - Foul
Pitch 5 - Swing, miss
Pitch 6 - Swing, miss (K)
Pitch 7 - Called strike
Pitch 8 - Swing, miss
Pitch 9 - Called strike (K)

That's the easiest hat trick you'll ever see.

2) The A's offense is unwatchable against an above-average pitcher.

Clearly Cliff Lee is an elite pitcher, but knowing the game is over before it even starts is a terrible way to start the night. The A's offensive "strategy" is (and has been for longer than I'd care to admit) to exploit the opposing pitcher; hoping to get lucky with walks. When a pitcher comes along who doesn't walk ANYone (and Cliff Lee fits that bill), the A's have zero chance at the game. See: tonight. Lee's zero walks to his eight strikeouts would have given the Rangers the game in all situations except for a shutout by Dallas Braden (hint: see problem #3).

3) No one should ever, EVER, give up a two-out RBI double and a 2-run homerun to Taylor Teagarden. EVER EVER EVER EVER.

The man had TWO HITS ON THE SEASON before tonight (and one of his other hit was against the A's in Texas).

The A's fall to the Rangers tonight, as the Rangers prove what a difference adding a Cy Young candidate makes.

We do it again tomorrow. If anyone knows a way to get the A's a couple of bats before the game, feel free to make that happen.

Current Series

Rangers lead the series 1-0

Fri 08/06 WP: Cliff Lee (10 - 5)
LP: Dallas Braden (6 - 8)
1 - 5 loss

Texas Rangers
@ Oakland Athletics

Saturday, Aug 7, 2010, 1:10 PM PDT
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Rich Harden vs Gio Gonzalez

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing out to right field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 70.

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Sun 08/08 1:05 PM PDT