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Open Thread: Game 108 - Oakland A's vs. Texas Rangers

Interested in attending our charity Dodgers' game with children from Los Angeles' Skid Row? Thanks to AN's generous donation, 50 kids are taking their first trip to Dodger Stadium on Sunday, August 22 and will be eating Dodger Dogs! Nico would love to come too, and is looking for anyone from the Bay Area to carpool with. Email baseballgirl1976 at hotmail for details.

Well, I'm not one to make dramatic pronouncements (haha, I totally am!), but tonight's game is the closest to a "pennant race" that we've seen in years. The A's are still mathematically in the race, but it's pretty evident that they will need a sweep this weekend to put a dent in the Texas-sized lead in the AL West.

This would normally be no problem for our fearless green and gold crew, except, well, the tiny bit of a roadblock in the shape of Cliff Lee. I wouldn't say he's unbeatable, but the A's lackluster offense will have to squeak out a few runs to give Dallas Braden some run support if there is any chance for an opening game win.

Braden did win his last start, tossing a complete game, and he'll need to be at least that good against Lee and the Rangers tonight. Let's hope for some Moneyball magic at the Coliseum tonight, and LET'S GO OAK-LAND!

Tonight's lineups:


Andrus, SS
Young, 3B
Hamilton, CF
Guerrero, DH
Cruz, RF
Cantu, 1B
Murphy, LF
Guzman, 2B
Teagarden, C

Your 2010 (and still in the AL West division hunt at least for one more night) Oakland A's!

Crisp, CF
Barton, 1B
Suzuki, C
Kouzmanoff, 3B
Rosales, DH
Ellis, 2B
Davis, LF
Carson, RF
Pennington, SS