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Down the Stretch: What do you Want From Your 2010 A's?

Yesterday baseballgirl hit it on the head, when she wrote this:

There are some days where it feels like the season has being going on forever, and then there are days when I can't believe the A's have played 124 games already. We're heading into the final stretch...


Only 37 games remain on this sometimes maddening season, and for this particular blogger there are only four scheduled threads left, including this afternoon's contest.  Sigh.

Since there is only a slim (and none) chance that the Athletics will make up 8.5 games on the Rangers in the next five weeks plus change, I ask you, dear reader, what would you like to see before the curtain falls on the A's 43rd season in Oakland?

Perhaps your prayers will be answered in the form of a .500 season and a better finish than the Angels.  Maybe you care more about the team's draft position.  Quite possibly you are counting down the days until Chris Carter II, and hoping that the sequel outdoes the original.  It could be that your fantasies include a Cy Young award for Trevor Cahill.  And then there are some who just want the season to end so that the rosterbation discussion can begin.

Whatever the case may be, you have a few hours to discuss before the soothing voice of Ken Korach takes over the airwaves. See you at 4-ish.