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Rays Top A's and Secure Series Split

The Rays won today, in Oakland, 3-2. It was a good game, but I wish to take us all on a short detour through the land of Lucasville.

There was this point in Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke Skywalker had just made like the trench on the Death Star was Beggar's Canyon and the exhaust port was a womprat. Han Solo was "Yeeeehhhhawwww" ing. Chewie was making that noise that he makes. All was right with the universe. The Rebel Alliance had a shot!

I felt like that around the 7th Inning of last night's game. And then the last 11 Innings came along and here I am in some frozen bunker on Hoth riding around on some giant hybrid kangaroo/rat/boar tusked thing, trying to avoid any "Imperial entanglements."

Dallas Braden was excellent today. He had the changeup rocking. Rays batters were off balance pretty much all game. It wasn't enough.

The problem, today, wasn't even that the A's offense was bad. It was more that Matt Graza was just that much better. Outside of a questionable balk, he dominated the A's, baffling them with his varied assortment of breaking balls and excellently located fast balls.

We all know by now that baffling the A's hitters isn't exactly something to write home about, but today was different.

I feel like, maybe, Gabe Gross deserves some special recognition today. As much grief as he takes around here, deservedly so at times, he was very impressive at the plate today. 2 hits and a walk in 4 plate appearances is good, but the way Gross grinds out at bats is impressive. He reminds me a lot of Scott Hatteberg, especially when has 2 strikes and he is still (comfortably) looking to find a pitch to drive.

But, back here on Hoth, it is hard to give recognition to anyone. Cause, the A's are heading out to try and pick off an Imperial Probe droid in Cleveland on Tuesday. And we all know what will follow that... A giant white Wampa (in the guise of the Texas Rangers), followed by a potential back breaking invasion by the Galactic Empire (in the guise of the Yankees).

It is "Do. Or do not." time.