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Sunday, Babbling Sunday: Carter Time!

Flashfire sure do know how to take some pictures.
Flashfire sure do know how to take some pictures.

This has been a rough week to be an A's fan. Not exactly soul crushing, but sobering.

I mean, at long last we get Carter Time and he hits like it's Ginter Time. Or maybe that is a bit harsh on Ginter?

And, yes I know it is a bit harsh on Carter, too. He is brand new, and all. And maybe he is just doing what he always does when jumps a level. Well, in any event, the Carter call up seemed a last ditch effort to stay relevant in this season. Now that Texas is playing Dragonslayer, and staying more than 8 games up on the rest of the division, it is time to start thinking about next season. Or is it?

For me, the answer is pretty much, "Yes."

Now that I have cleared that up, we come to the big questions. Who are we going to be watching for the next 4-6 years? Who will the A's be trading? Who will the A's be Non Tendering? Who should the A's be targeting this offseason? Will Eric Chavez return? Okay, the last one is a joke.

Seeing as how humility is a theme in these parts, lately, I should admit I expected Michael Taylor to be crushing in Sacramento long ago. Therefore, I don't feel qualified to answer any of these questions. Heck, who needs answers? Instead, I spent the past week writing down random questions about all things A's.

Please answer at your convenience.

1. With Moneyball coming out next season, should the A's be trying to capitalize on cross marketing  in some way?

2. Say the A's created some "Bobblehead Six Pack" for season ticket holders. Say it was 20 Game Win Streak themed (to go along with Moneyball). What players would be in it and why?

3. Is Adrian Cardenas ever gonna be good above AA?

4. Like 3 years ago, did anyone ever think Cliff Pennington was going to better than Bobby Crosby? Really?

5. How did I not see the Rosales injury coming?

6. Ditto Ynoa (same link)?

7. Does anyone else think this offseason is Billy's chance to prove them all stupid?

See you at game thread time.