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Open Thread: Game 115 - A's at Minnesota

How about the A's get three hits, but 14 runs, today? The A's, who have spent the season within 5 games of .500, are 57 up and 57 down and despite the "Heinz 57" record they are unlikely to ketchup to the Texas Rangers. Still, no harm in trying!

Babyfaced FIPbuster Trevor Cahill gets the call today tonight this mid-to-late afternoon against lefty Brian Duensing. Let's pronounce it "DWEN-sing" just to match the Fox announcers' insistence on putting a "d" in "BumgarDner" where none exists. They had about a week to look that up, right?

Meanwhile, how about Chris Carter gets a hit, eh? Carter has been trying to pull everything, resulting in grounders to SS and 3B, fly balls to LF, and of course the "gotta start early on that curve -- aw, crap, it's not a strike" strickouts. Carter needs to remember that he has enough raw power to hit the ball out to RF anyway. He is mostly getting pitched away, away, away because he hasn't adjusted. Look away, don't commit early, get a good look at the pitch, and then whack it hard the other way.

And welcome to the lineup, Steve Tolleson!


Oakland Athletics @ Minnesota Twins

08/14/10 4:10 PM PDT

Oakland Athletics Minnesota Twins
Coco Crisp - CF Denard Span - CF
Daric Barton - 1B Orlando Hudson - 2B
Kurt Suzuki - C Joe Mauer - C
Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B Jason Kubel - RF
Mark Ellis - 2B Michael Cuddyer - 1B
Rajai Davis - RF Jim Thome - DH
Jack Cust - DH Delmon Young - LF
Chris Carter - LF Danny Valencia - 3B
Steven Tolleson - SS Alexi Casilla - SS