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Fans Look For Hidden Camera; A's Continue to Frustrate

Anytime you outhit the other team 14-5 (and rack up 18 baserunners in the process), you should win the game. Period.

The A's did not.

In what was an absolute exercise in futility, the A's put runners all over the bases tonight--by their hitting, via Twins' errors, you name it--and couldn't cash in enough runs to tie the game. In addition, key errors by their own defense allowed the Twins half of their runs.

Every break in the game went the Twins' way, every great play was made against the A's, and even though the Twins' defense at times was as sloppy as the A's, basically tonight was like watching a game on a hidden camera show designed to see how much torture you could take as a fan.

The game started out on an ominous note; the first baserunner for the Twins reached on an error. He would score as Gio Gonzalez walked in the first run of the game in the first, he gave up a single to score the second, and only got out of the inning thanks to a relay throw. The Twins took the early 2-0 lead, but the A's, surprisingly, would come back on a triple by Barton and a double by Cust to tie the game at two.

Things fell apart in the fourth for the A's as the Twins tacked on two more runs, and despite baserunner after baserunner, the A's couldn't tie the game, or take the lead. They tacked on a teAse run in the ninth, but there was no doubt about it; they weren't going to win the game.

Maddening, maddening game. Final score 4-3 Twins. And no, Chris Carter doesn't have a hit yet.

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