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Yankees Sweep Lifeless A's In Oakland

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To compete against a team like the New York Yankees--who already have the deck stacked in their favor in every way--it takes a combination of great pitching, timely hitting and a flawless level of play. The A's exhibited very few of these qualities in the last three games, and it should come as no surprise that they were swept; only scoring four runs in the entire series.

Tonight the A's were on the wrong side of a Teixeira 3-run homerun, after Gio just couldn't settle down. Gio was wild from the get-go, leaving the game in the fifth after surrendering eight hits and five walks (he also struck out five). He dodged numerous baserunners in his first three scoreless innings, and started the fourth with a double play before the Yankees finally broke through. This is where I envy the Yankees: seemingly without effort, they put together a walk, single, single, walk, homerun for five easy, quick two-out runs. The A's simply cannot compete with that.

Although Swisher would later hit a solo homerun off Wuertz (the only run allowed by the bullpen combination of Ziggy, Wuertz, Blevins, Breslow, and Bowers), the five-run fourth would be all the Yankees would need against the A's. The A's countered with a Crisp RBI single, two Swingles, a Cust RBI single, a Suzuki single and a Kouz single. And two walks. That was the extend of their offense. In the entire game.

The A's have a much-needed day off tomorrow before they welcome in the Angels for a little division rivalry.

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