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2010 Oakland Athletics Season Predictions (Mid-Season Checkup)

Well, with the All Star game fast approaching, I'd like to talk about the halfway-through-the-season results of our predictions post.

Before the season starts, it's nearly impossible to gauge how good or bad a team will be, much less how they will perform compared to division rivals. But AN took a stab at it anyway, and I'd like to see if any of us would like to review our initial predictions (and tell us what you think now).

Some questions have already been answered.

A much-deserving Trevor Cahill was named to the All Star team as the A's lone representative, and although I don't think that anyone actually answered "Cahill" to the exact question, there were two ANers who made eerily spot-on predictions, considering that Cahill didn't even start the season on the 25-man.


Who will be the breakout A’s Star? Does Daric Barton count as a breakout? If not, I’m going for Cahill.

walk off bunt

What will be the biggest surprise of the season? Trevor Cahill. Just liked the way he looked in spring training.

And unless something drastically changes, it looks like Eric Chavez' 2010 season will end with 33 games played.

How many games will Eric Chavez play?

mikev - 40
colin - 35
eddiemos - 35
Nico - 28, ouch, retire.

Along the same lines:

Who will be the A’s biggest disappointment?


Chavez again. Hurt before the allstar break

And let's not forget this gem:

What will be the biggest surprise of the season?


The Mariners will fall flat after all the off-season hype.

Do we finally have an answer for rageon?:

"How long with Eric Patterson be the favorite topic of discussion on AN?"

Chris Schlitz

Its not outside (the box) but both Fox and Patterson are dumped by mid may Patterson because of an injury and a need for rosales and Fox because he stinks

How are the rest of the predictions shaping up?

(Data through yesterday)

Who wins the AL West? Current order: Texas, LAA (4.5), A's (8) , Seattle (14)

In what place do the A's finish? (First, second, third, cellar) Current position: 3rd

Will the A's finish over .500? Current position: 2 games under .500

Who will be the breakout A's Star? Probable: Trevor Cahill

Who will be the A's biggest disappointment? Probables: Eric Chavez, Travis Buck, Brett Anderson, Justin Duchscherer

What will be the biggest surprise of the season? Dallas Braden's perfect game? Eric Chavez on the DL? Just kidding.

Combined Sheets/Duke starts? Duke only started 5, so the rest is up to Sheets. (He's currently at 18.)

Who will be the A's best starter? Right now, it's Trevor Cahill, followed by Gio Gonzalez

Will any starter have 16+ wins? Cahill has 8.

How many games will Eric Chavez play? Looks like 33 will be the winner.

How many strikeouts will Cust have? 38 so far

How many homeruns will Fox have? Jake Fox had 2 homeruns with the A's, and has 2 with Baltimore. I suppose the question did not specify a team.

Will Sweeney/Crisp/Davis hit more than 21 homeruns combined? Sweeney has one, yes ONE; Rajai has two, and Crisp has two. I'd say that the people who voted the under have it in the bag.

What date does Carter come up? What date does Taylor come up? We're still waiting. Any answers before July 7th do not work for this question.

Does Buck have at least 150 AB's? He currently has 32 ABs with no sign of returning to the team. I think the "No" crowd has this one, too.

Will Sheets be traded? Verdict is still out.

How many saves will Andrew Bailey have and guess his ERA? Despite posting a 1.59 ERA  and a 0.94 WHIP, Bailey has been limited to 17 saves in 20 chances so far this year.

Barton's line will be: It is currently .283 (BA), .403 (SLG) .392 (OBP)

How many stolen bases will Rajai Davis have? He currently has 26, but he was also playing full-time until Coco came back.

Who will be the A's All-Star? Trevor Cahill

Will anyone from the A's place in the top five in awards voting? (ROY, Cy, MVP, Manager of the Year) Verdict still out.

Who is in the World Series (and playoffs, if you want to answer more questions)? Verdict still out.

Who wins the World Series? Verdict still out.

Any other outside-the-box predictions? This would have been a good place to call the Perfect Game back in April. I do appreciate the detail of Tony E's prediction: Nolasco throws a No Hitter, Liriano finishes 2nd in CY Young voting and Both Uptons win MVP awards.

We play the Yankees again tonight, looking to salvage the series.

Current Series

Yankees lead the series 2-0

Mon 07/05 WP: Javier Vazquez (7 - 7)
SV: Mariano Rivera
LP: Ben Sheets (3 - 8)
1 - 3 loss
Tue 07/06 WP: CC Sabathia (11 - 3)
LP: Trevor Cahill (8 - 3)
1 - 6 loss

New York Yankees
@ Oakland Athletics

Wednesday, Jul 7, 2010, 7:05 PM PDT
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

A.J. Burnett vs Gio Gonzalez

Mostly clear. Winds blowing out to center field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 60.

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