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Open Thread: Game 83 - A's at Cleveland

"I'm an All-Star because I can REALLY come by way of third base!"
"I'm an All-Star because I can REALLY come by way of third base!"

I know where you are. Like a good boy/girl, you're sitting in church listening to Reverand Blowhard drone on and on about something about sin, staring at the back of a long feathery cap that you think might still be alive and wanting the cracker you've hidden in your left pocket as if there weren't a "No eating" sign clearly posted outside the front door.

And you're reading this on your i-Phone, as three pious and humorless older women, who always seem to judge everything but their own choice of eyeshadow, make disapproving eye contact that you pretend not to notice.

You're frankly too excited about Trevor Cahill being named to the All-Star team as you root for Vin Mazzaro to best Fausto Carmona and to send the A's home owners of a 7-2 road trip.


Oakland Athletics @ Cleveland Indians

07/04/10 10:05 AM PDT

Oakland Athletics Cleveland Indians
Coco Crisp - CF Michael Brantley - CF
Daric Barton - 1B Jayson Nix - 2B
Ryan Sweeney - RF Carlos Santana - C
Jack Cust - DH Travis Hafner - DH
Mark Ellis - 2B Austin Kearns - RF
Gabe Gross - LF Jhonny Peralta - 3B
Adam Rosales - 3B Matt LaPorta - 1B
Landon Powell - C Trevor Crowe - LF
Cliff Pennington - SS Anderson Hernandez - SS