What Do iglew, jeffro, and Craig Breslow Have In Common?

So the answer is simply: They all have a paragraph devoted to them in this post. Bit of a letdown, I know.

I want to let the community know that iglew is joining the moderating crew, as part of the ongoing effort to replace those moderators who are really acting more as "moderator emeritus" with active members of the community. The addition of a moderator, and/or the addition of iglew specifically, does not actually have anything to do with the recent conversations around rules and regs. iglew was invited on board a few months ago but declined mostly due to it being an especially busy time at work, then mentioned last week that he regretting saying "no" and would be glad to join anytime. So in the Billy Beane/Ken Macha spirit of "He was good enough for us then, he's good enough for us now!" please welcome iglew aboard as part of the crew assessing possible CGVs and helping to keep the community a place where its Community Guidelines are honored.

Meanwhile jeffro, well known and respected for his excellent work writing about the A's ongoing searches for a new ballpark, is joining the AN front page crew. This weekend, jeffro will be subbing for me on Saturday and then he will start his gig as a regular Sunday front page contributor. I still plan to be about the same presence on the front page in general, by the way, but will perhaps find more varied spots throughout the week through subbing and supplementing. Such as...

Craig Breslow. I had a chance to interview him over the phone this morning and the A's lefty was really generous with his time, chatting for 25 minutes about everything from his "Strike 3 Foundation" and the special charity event taking place next Wednesday, August 4th, to his own "past and future" musings on his sister's childhood cancer and his eventual post-baseball career in the field of Science, to thoughts about his pitching and mutual analysis thereof. Due to the length of the interview, I'm planning to present it on AN in 3 parts, with Part I running by this weekend in anticipation of the upcoming Blackjack event. By way of previewing, let me just say that there is nothing overstated in the media about how intelligent and articulate he is.