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Recap: Late Rally Helps Innuendo Beat Off Community Tension

I know that on AN, you appreciate the BOTTOM LINE, so I'll spare you the long and twisted road of over 1,000 comments that got us there. There are no new rules around "profanity/lewdness" as if you click your heels three times and say "There's no place like AN," you'll find those rules were nothing more than a fleeting figment of your imagination. We have a better solution to try first.

The goal is to reset the volume and frequency so that while profanity is understood to be a natural by-product of a ballpark or sports bar, the f-bombs are more judiciously dropped and profanity is used for occasional emphasis rather than casually or constantly, and that sexual talk and innuendo is sufficiently fleeting and rare that it has a "pick your spots" quality rather than one of "here we go again."

iglew, mikev, and DMOAS have stepped forward to volunteer as ambassadors, to remind their peers over the next couple weeks that as a community we are making a good faith effort to show that this can be accomplished without any administrative policing or formal rules. Their goal is not to admonish anyone, but rather just to, as needed, remind commenters -- some of whom may forget and some of whom may have missed yesterday's thread -- that the community is making a mindful effort to balance the "well placed f-bomb" and "irresistible innuendo" with a place that is comfortable and interesting to those who may not care for AN's "after darkier side." Anyone else who wants to offer to help iglew, mikev, and DMOAS can speak up at any time, as there is a lot of AN to read. And thanks to those three for stepping up!

Let's see if we can, as a self-policed community that celebrates its own diversity and respects differences, find a balance in which all commenters feel they can express themselves as themselves, all readers feel that a range of views and sensibilities on "vulgar discourse" are recognized and appreciated, and AN can continue to enjoy a public reputation as an exceptional online community.

And it is. Let's not forget that!