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Open Thread: The 81st Midsummer Classic

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As we all know, Oakland SP Trevor Cahill has been ruled as ineligible to play because he pitched just two days ago. In his place, RP Andrew Bailey was named to the All-Star roster, and he's ready to pitch when if Girardi wants him. Will he actually enter the game? Will the American League continue its thirteen-year unbeaten streak? Will the dugout benches collapse under the weight of 82 players? Will the National League catch a single fly ball hit to left center? We'll find out at 5:00. Lineups are below.

American League (SP David Price)

RF Ichiro Suzuki

SS Derek Jeter

1B Miguel Cabrera

CF Josh Hamilton

DH Vladimir Guerrero

3B Evan Longoria

C Joe Mauer

2B Robinson Cano

LF Carl Crawford


National League (SP Ubaldo Jimenez)

SS Hanley Ramirez

2B Martin Prado

1B Albert Pujols

DH Ryan Howard

3B David Wright

LF Ryan Braun

CF Andre Ethier

RF Corey Hart

C Yadier Molina