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"Rajai Run" And Rajai Slam In Rajeight Run 3rd!

It was 0-0 going to the bottom of the 3rd, when Rajai Davis led off with a double against Scott Kazmir. It seemed so innocent, even when Rajai stole 3rd and scored on a wild pitch. Little did we know that Davis would bat later in the same inning and cap a long rally with a grand slam, that Kazmir would be left in to cough up 13 ER in 5 IP, and that the A's would smirk, giggle, and laugh their way to a 15-1 pounding of the rival Angels.

An easily forgotten detail is that with the score just 2-0, Daric Barton tried to score with two outs in the 3rd and replays showed that Mike Napoli did not miss the tag as ruled by home plate umpire Ted Barrett. However, Kazmir was so bad tonight -- 11 hits, 3 BB, 1 HBP, 2 wild pitches bad -- it's hard to imagine that any one play made much of a difference.

Coco Crisp added a 3-run HR and Daric Barton went back-to-back with one of his own, on this "power from guys who never homer" night of fireworks followed by fireworks.

Meanwhile, if scouts are watching Ben Sheets they must like what they're seeing. Yes he was saved in the top of the 1st by a Crisp catch at -- maybe even over -- the wall, but in the final analysis Sheets tossed 6 IP of 2 hit, 0 ER ball and once you conveniently ignore the horrid two starts he made on the road trip through Toronto and Tampa Bay, Sheets has an ERA right around 3.50.

All in all, a great night for the A's and one for the ages for Rajai Davis, who finished the evening 4 for 5 with two doubles, one HR, and 5 RBI.