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Cahill Continues to Make All-Star Bid

Quick, someone book this guy a flight to Anaheim for July 13.

Sure it's a long-shot, but the way Trevor Cahill is pitching he might indeed sneak onto the American League roster for the Mid-Summer Classic.  Not bad for a guy who was Oakland's odd man out of Spring Training.

Tonight's line in the A's 8-1 rout over the Orioles in which Cahill ran his record to 8-2: 7IP, 4H, 1R, 1BB, 4K.

Oh, and he's now eligible for the ERA title, and he may make a run for it if he continues anywhere near the performance of his last nine starts (1.52).

There was very little that went wrong for the A's tonight, but if you must nit-pick I guess Daric Barton's both-knee contusions are cause for concern. 

Ryan Sweeney and Cliff Pennington (four knocks each) led the hit parade (the A's had 15 overall), and Jack Cust rediscovered his power stroke with a pair of long doubles.  Said ak_A:

our high on base-non-slug guy finally....does some sluggin.

The A's put up crooked numbers in the second and the seventh, which turned out to be overkill for Cahill, who spotted the O's a run in the first, and then shut 'em down- and out- the rest of the way. 

Baltimore's Corey Patterson offered some comic relief when he misplayed a Pennington fly ball into a two-run two-bagger in which he fell on his stomach while the ball landed six feet behind him.  Oh, brother.

At 39-41, the A's now head to Cleveland to face the Indians in a three-game set that starts tomorrow afternoon.