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Your Shiny New Outfielder, Michael Choice (Open Thread: Draft Day 2, Rds 2-30)

The second round of the 2010 MLB Rule 4 Draft begins at 9 AM, Pacific Time. Go ahead and use this thread for discussion, but before that starts, I'd like to post a couple scouting reports on the young outfielder we selected from the University of Texas at Arlington, Michael Choice.

Project Prospect

Michael Choice is one of the few risk/reward college guys in this draft class. He could turn into a 30-35+ home run monster who draws 100 walks or he could struggle against pitchers who can locate good breaking balls.

Choice does have outstanding raw power, has proven can take a walk and should have some defensive value. Players with Choice’s combination of athletic ability and secondary skill are rare and tend to have very high ceilings. Given the concerns about his contact ability, I’d have a hard time taking him in the top 10. But the cost benefit analysis becomes much more palatable towards the end of the first round where the opportunity cost is lower.

PnR Scouting

Choice represents one of the better power bats in the draft class, and more safety than you will find with some of the prep bats with higher raw power ratings. As discussed above, however, the power does come with some trade-offs. He limits his contact-ability with a longish, high-effort swing and his plate discipline vacillates between average and a tick-below. While he boasts a gaudy Division I-leading 66 BB (1.35 per game -- also leads Division I), he has been pitched around a great deal due to the steep fall-off in the strength of bats with his supporting cast. He is also whiffing at a not insignificant rate -- once every 5.4 PA and just under once a game. Still, he shows good balance, even with the all-out approach, and his hand-eye coordination is strong enough to allow him to consistently square when he gets a pitch he can drive. He has the bat for a corner slot and could ultimately settle-in as a solid #5 or #6 hitter in a good pro line-up. There is a slight risk his swing will be exposed some against better pitching, but his bat speed should help minimize his slight mechanical shortcomings.

And, of course, our very own DFA.

I'll list the first few selections after the jump.

10. Michael Choice OF (Texas-Arlington)

60. Yordy Cabrera 3B (Lakeland Senior HS, FL)

92. Aaron Shipman CF (Brooks County HS, GA)

125. Chad Lewis 3B (Marina HS, CA)

155. Tyler Vail RHP (Notre Dame HS, PA)

185. Tony Thompson 3B  (Kansas)

Vin Mazzaro faces Jered Weaver tonight at 7:05. We really need to take this one, Vin. I'll beg. On my knees.