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Open Thread 3 - Game #59: La Palma Seraphim of Irvine @ Never-Swingin' A's


We are thru 7 and the slegnA lead this one 4-1, thanks to the awesomely consistent plate umpiring (pictured) and the fact that the A's "hitters," apart from a HR (not on a breaking pitch, because he's never hit one in his life) from Jake Fox, wouldn't swing at a first-pitch strike right down the middle anyway.. even if you paid them millions of dollars.  Oh wait, they do get paid that much.

Sandy Koufax Scott Kazmir is outta there now (sorry, the A's hitters make me confused with initials sometimes), Kevin Jepsen in.

And PS-- Rajai Davis hurt himself legging out a triple into the RF corner and has been removed. Eric Patterson is your leadoff man the rest of the way.

Having fun yet?