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A's Manage To Lose, Do

This was easily Bob Geren's worst managed game of the year, possibly of his career, as for the second night in a row an A's 8th inning comeback only delayed a loss.

Geren made the same mistake for the second day in a row: He took out a reliever who looked great at a time when the A's pen was short-handed and chewed up. Tonight it was Michael Wuertz, who snapped off three unhittable sliders to Delmon Young -- the only 3 pitches he would throw. Even though Bailey was unavailable and Ziegler was the last reliever you'd consider putting in because you wanted to, Ziegler got the call to face a cavalcade of left-handed hitters. Ridiculous.

More ridiculous yet? Walking Justin Morneau intentionally with the bases empty. Perhaps Geren figured Ziggy couldn't get Morneau out or keep him in the park? You know what, you may be right Bob: That's why you have Wuertz face him. Unreal.

Finally, Jack Cust should have pinch hit for Patterson in the bottom of the 9th. Go for the walk-off win. You're worried about who will play SS if it goes extra innings? Are you worried about that now?

The A's showed a lot of heart coming back late last night and tonight. Unfortunately they showed no brains.