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Open Thread: Game 77 - A's vs. Pirates

Can we please always play the Pirates while everyone else plays each other in turn? I think that would be fair, don't you? kthxbai.

Last night, the A's won consecutive games for the first time in June. Today they go for a much needed series sweep, behind lefty Gio Gonzalez.

Leopold Bloom, I wore this to the game last night just for you!


Holy consistent lineup, batman!!!


Pittsburgh Pirates @ Oakland Athletics

06/27/10 1:05 PM PDT

Pittsburgh Pirates Oakland Athletics
Jose Tabata - LF Coco Crisp - CF
Bobby Crosby - 2B Daric Barton - 1B
Andrew McCutchen - CF Conor Jackson - LF
Garrett Jones - 1B Kurt Suzuki - C
Ryan Doumit - DH Ryan Sweeney - RF
Lastings Milledge - RF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Andy LaRoche - 3B Jack Cust - DH
Jason Jaramillo - C Mark Ellis - 2B
Ronny Cedeno - SS Cliff Pennington - SS