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Any Other Sporting Event More Interesting Than This One

Today in tennis:

John Isner and Nicolas Mahut are in the midst of the longest match in tennis history in the first round of Wimbledon 2010. Really. You could have traveled to Wimbledon by now.

Today in soccer:

The United States went from out of the World Cup to winners of Group C in one counter attack, with Landon Donovan's 92nd minute goal beating Algeria 1-0 and putting the U.S. into World Cup 2010's knockout round.

Also better than today's game; underwater basket weaving, dog-walking, gum-chewing, grass growing. You get the idea.

If you HAVE to know, despite recording seven hits and two walks, the A's didn't score a single run in today's game. They seemed to hit into just enough double-plays to avoid that. Vin Mazzaro threw seven innings, allowing only two runs in the first, but was added to the increasingly long line of starting pitchers to throw a quality start for a loss. This offense is terrible. I think Bob Geren threw himself out of the game to avoid watching any more of it.

June 1st = First Place
June 23rd = 10 Back

That about sums it up.