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A's Turn In Lackadaisical Effort In Yet Another Loss (4-2)

Most losses are painful. Last night's, for example, where the A's tied the game in the bottom of the ninth, only to allow three home runs immediately after. This was not one of those losses.

Most of the remaining losses are happy losses. When a team gives its best effort, but runs into a superb outing from the other team. The "we'll get 'em tomorrow" kind of loss. This was also not one of those losses.

No, today's loss was completely and utterly listless. It would have been frustrating if I cared more. But I draw the line at letting Bronson Arroyo run roughshod over a major league lineup. He was sadly extremely effective tonight, going eight innings, with the only damage being a two run HR from Coco Crisp. Braden continued his streak of uninspiring outings, allowing ten hits and three earned runs over his long six innings. Note to those on injury watch: he only threw seven pitches that weren't a fastball or a changeup.

I would say that they'll turn in an honest effort tomorrow, but after the crap we've seen this series, I highly doubt that. Either way, Vin Mazzaro gets to face Johnny Cueto tomorrow at 12:35.