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Open Thread: Game 73 (Cincinnati Reds at Oakland Athletics)

I'm expecting better things tonight. It's not just because we've got a pretty favorable pitching matchup, or that damn near anything would be better than the abomination we saw last night. No, I'm jazzed because the A's made a little move this afternoon.

The Eric Patterson era is over.

In his place is Coco Crisp (again), who has come off of the DL (again). Crisp is starting in center field tonight, batting first. In his six game rehab assignment with Sacramento, he compiled a batting line of .591/.625/.773, so I suppose he's pretty ready for action. And if he even puts up a line half as good in Oakland, he'll still be better than Patterson's been this year, so that's always a plus.

Tonight, Dallas Braden (4-6, 3.78 ERA) faces Bronson Arroyo (6-3, 4.53 ERA). Braden has been less than perfect since his perfect game back in May. It's possible he's been injured, but regardless, the polish just hasn't been there. Bronson Arroyo, on the other hand, has been mediocre at best, with only two years out of his seven full-time starting years with an ERA under 4. This year is no exception, as he's matched an ERA above 4.50 with a FIP of 4.61 and an xFIP of 5.20, which indicates he's been getting very lucky with regards to home runs allowed. Unfortunately, something tells me that's not going to change when facing Oakland's lineup.

But it doesn't matter. With the DFA of Eric Patterson, today will be a net positive even if Arroyo throws a perfect game and gives the entire crowd copies of his terrible 90s grunge covers album. Happy day!


Cincinnati Reds @ Oakland Athletics

06/22/10 7:05 PM PDT

Cincinnati Reds Oakland Athletics
Orlando Cabrera - SS Coco Crisp - CF
Brandon Phillips - 2B Daric Barton - 1B
Joey Votto - 1B Conor Jackson - LF
Scott Rolen - 3B Kurt Suzuki - C
Jonny Gomes - DH Ryan Sweeney - RF
Jay Bruce - RF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Drew Stubbs - CF Gabe Gross - DH
Chris Heisey - LF Mark Ellis - 2B
Corky Miller - C Cliff Pennington - SS
Eric Patterson - DFA