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Open Thread: Game 43 - Giants at A's

The A's open interleague play not only welcoming our foes from across the Bay but also our former Cy Young winner, Barry Zito. Zito appears to have found his 2002 self this year sporting a 6-1 record with a 2.15 ERA through his first 8 starts. Barry sports a career ERA over 9.00 against the A's in his three starts since leaving Oakland so something will have to give tonight.

On the A's side, Coco Crisp will make his regular season A's debut tonight from the leadoff spot. Trevor Cahill makes his 5th start of the year off his best start of the season so far going 7 innings against the Angels.

Luckily for the Giants, their short drive will likely be easy since they dont have to pack and carry any of these pesky World Series trophies. Go A's!

Tonight's Lineup:

Crisp CF

Barton 1B

Sweeney RF

Suzuki C

Kouzmanoff 3B

Cust DH

Rosales 2B

Pennington SS

Davis LF