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Open Thread II: Game #39 - Seattle WaterWeebles vs. Oakland Aquariums @ The Coliseum in front of 13 of my closest friends!


A first inning blastorino from Kevin Kooooooouuuzzzzmanoff has our laddies already outpacing their offensive output from the last road trip.  The M's may want to put our own RRS in to pitch, as their own RR-S got squared up fiercely in the second by a string of ropes from J. Cust (who is cracking the ball, liner after scorched liner), Adam "Speedy" Rosales and even a double from the previously-moribund Rajai Davis.  The G Train was a bit off-kilter to start the action but settled in a bit in the 2nd.

We go to the 3rd with Oaktown's Finest back to their old Swingin' A's ways, up 5-1.