DLD 5.17.10 - C'mon, get happy

How about some good news?

Cupcakes got his first win of the season

"I feel like I've thrown the ball well three times and just don't have much to show for it," said Blanton, who missed the first month of the season with a strained muscle in his left side. "The numbers haven't been there, for as well as I feel like I've been throwing."

Jockey rises from Bay Area deli to Preakness win

Terri Terry was dubious about hiring the diminutive teen to cook at her Pleasanton deli.

"I wasn't sure he was tall enough to get the food up onto the counter to serve," said Terry, 47, who owns Chicago's Metropolitan Deli, named after her husband's home town. "He had to stand on milk crates."

Still, she decided to give Garcia a shot as a grill cook.

Bay to Breakers invaded SF streets on Sunday (a couple pics in the gallery NSFW)



Some went as Mark Ellis!




Jamarcus Russell can still play football in Northern California

This season, one UFL team is moving to Sacramento for a 10-game season. A new franchise in Omaha, Neb., also will compete against the other league teams in Hartford, Conn.; Las Vegas; and Orlando, Fla.

The Bay Area's team, the California Redwoods, is now the Sacramento Mountain Lions. They will play home games in California State University, Sacramento, Hornet Stadium starting in September.

On Saturday morning, the team held the second of three open tryouts; the final tryout will be next Sunday in San Mateo.

"You always find some diamonds in the rough," said head coach Dennis Green.

A woman earned her bachelor's degree on Saturday from Mills College... at age 94



Born in Richmond, Calif. in 1915, Soares said she had wanted to attend college right after she graduated from Roosevelt High School in Oakland in 1932, but that was during the Great Depression.

"Unless you had some help, it would have been impossible to go to college," Soares said. "However I never lost the desire to go."

Soares married twice, raised six children and worked as a nurse and event organizer before she retired and decided to return to pursue her dream of obtaining a college education.

She spent six years taking courses at Chabot College in Hayward before earning her associate's degree when she was 85. Then she enrolled at Mills College in 2007.

"We are really amazed and very proud of my mom," said Regina Hungerford, Soares' youngest child. "The biggest thing that we can all learn is that we're never too old."

OK, fine, if this weekend wasn't depressing enough:

Does keeping A's make cents for Oakland?

Duke may be done for the season

Sharks lose game one, 2-1