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Piñeiro Joins Saunders In Shutting Out Pathetic A's

As far as the summary goes, all you need to know is this: Unable to muster more than 4 hits and no runs, the A's would be cooked as soon as the Angels scored, and that first run -- the game's only run for 5.5 innings -- scored when Eric Patterson, masquerading as a CFer, went back on a routine fly ball, stopped short of the warning track, leapt as if he were at the wall, and the ball dropped on the OF grass. Right out of Little League, and that pretty much describes the A's defense and offense in this series and throughout what is now a 5-game losing streak.

The A's often seem to do their biggest free-falling in May and I have a theory as to why. The A's believe in taking the first two months to "evaluate the team" and I think this is one of the areas in which the A's management is truly incompetent.

If I am to understand correctly, the A's used 50 spring training plate appearances to conclude that Jack Cust wasn't a good enough hitter to crack this team's April-May starting lineup, yet they still haven't figured out whether or not Eric Chavez can help the offense -- never mind that he has been late on fastballs all season and is now starting his swing so early he is waving at breaking balls in the dirt, or that his OPS hasn't sniffed .700. I guess we just don't know yet.

Eric Patterson in CF? Are you serious? If my CFer is going to produce an OBP of .250, could he at least play CF like Rajai Davis instead of like Helen Keller? It is not hindsight to complain that Patterson is a wretched fielder who gets out more than 70% of the time and has no business on a big league roster. It's ridiculous and it's unfair to guys like Trevor Cahill, who pitched a great game only to be betrayed by the joke of a supporting cast.

"Just wait until _ gets back and the team will start hitting." Folks, there is no good hitter on the way. The A's are waiting on Coco Crisp and Mark Ellis. Crisp will greatly improve the defense and Ellis will help the offense a bit, especially against LHP, but it doesn't matter until the A's brass gets their head out of something that rhymes with brass and, you know, decides to form a roster out of the best players.

My guess is you'll finally see some of that in June, when the charade of the "we're still assessing" time ends. It should have ended in March, because many of these things were as clear then as they are now.