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Open Thread: Game 36 - A's at Angels

You may remember tonight's starting pitcher from such events as HIS PERFECT GAME, thrown last Sunday. Dallas Braden will take the mound for the A's tonight against the Angels, in search of another win. He will be opposed by Joe Saunders, who has struggled this year, but the A's offense seems to be a magic cure.

If you're wondering how pitchers pitch after perfect games:

Well, in his first start after his perfect game last season (like Braden's, against the Rays and with six strikeouts), Mark Buehrle retired the first 17 Twins before falling apart in the later innings and eventually taking the loss. Randy Johnson's perfect game against the Braves in 2004 was the first of six consecutive victories for the Big Unit, including another sterling performance one start later against the Marlins.

Overall, the last five pitchers to throw a perfect game are 2-2 with a 4.85 ERA in their next start.

Because I will be at the game, you will have a guest moderator tonight, a blast from the past, who will be adding lineups and keeping you all happy throughout the game. I'd like an A's win, please!

I will see many of you at the game tomorrow night!



Your Oakland Athletics

1. Pennington (SS)
2. Rosales (2B)
3. Barton (1B)
4. Kouszmanoff (3B)
5. Fox (LF)
6. Powell (C)
7. Donaldson (DH)
8. Gross (RF)
9. Davis (CF)

Their Anaheim Angels
1. Aybar (SS)
2. Kendrick (2B)
3. Abreu (RF)
4. Hunter (CF)
5. Morales (1B)
6. Matsui (DH)
7. Rivera (LF)
8. Napoli (C)
9. Wood (3B)