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If You Could Make A Top Ten List For The A's

I'm taking 67MARQUEZ at his word: It is an unwritten rule in baseball that if a pitcher throws a Perfect Game, you are allowed to milk the accomplishment until said pitcher's next start. Be far it from me to mess with baseball etiquette.

Since we may as well end the week--and before Dallas Braden inevitably disappoints us tonight by not retiring the next 27 in a row--with another twist on the Perfect Game story, I have a game to play.

This post was inspired by CBS's "Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through Dallas Braden's Mind While He Threw His Perfect Game." Since Athletics Nation as a whole is bound to be funnier than Letterman and the writers (don't let me down!), I want to hear from you.

Create your own top 10 list (or your top five, or three, or just one) using a category from either a past A's accomplishment or a future feat, or make up your own list for Braden's perfect game.

Examples include what was Rickey thinking when he swiped his record-breaking base, what was Sheets thinking on the mound during yesterday's start, what was going through the A's players' minds when they won the 2010 World Series...anything you want.

The game thread will be up tonight; join us here!

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Friday, May 14, 2010, 7:05 PM PDT
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Dallas Braden vs Joe Saunders

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