Dallas Braden Perfect Walkup Music Poll


On the next A's homestand, Dallas Braden needs a special walk up song. I think we ought to help the A's come up with some songs, so I've compiled a list of songs I found while perusing YouTube. Something catchy, something that people would probably recognize was special, something that would get the crowd up and cheering (not like they need another excuse, right?)

Dallas' next start is looking like either the 19th ($2 Wednesdays) or 20th (day game) of May.

It doesn't have to be an obvious connection, though I've kept with the Perfect theme. 

Vote below, and if you've got another song you like, link it in the comments!


Lou Reed - Perfect Day (via TaCleoh)

A classic.  Maybe not upbeat enough, but I think it gets the point across, and people are familiar with the song.

American Hi-Fi - Another Perfect Day (via AmericanHiFiVEVO)

Another one that has a good chorus, but again not too upbeat.


Smashing Pumpkins- "Perfect" (via smashingpumpkinsfan)

This one is more subtle, and likely only those who are familiar with the Smashing Pumpkins would even get it.


Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (via 1119Masterchief)

Fast, energetic, but drugs probably aren't a good topic in a family environment.


Dolph Ziggler (WWE Theme - I am Perfection)  (via TheKWAwrestling)

I think this is probably the best song, and it makes sense as it was written to get a crowd excited in a sports entertainment environment.


Perfect Strangers - Original Theme (via Robby520)

Ok, you want obscure? How about the intro to only one of the greatest sitcoms of my childhood?