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BradenThread II: Game #209 - Oakland Athletics @ the Crossroads @ the Gates of Delirium @ 2:09 PM

EN is passed out right now; he just woke up for the ten seconds it took to post this after being awake almost the full 24 and he needs to rest.  This thread is timed just right, for your continued overflow comments and appreciations of our crafty lefty's hefty perfecto.

Note to AN: with increased scrutiny and attention comes increased responsibility to keep it at a level of discourse worthy of this utterly-definitive-even-when-they-suck (and about the most riveting thing in sports when it succeeds, which is often in the grand scheme of things) franchise, so we ask that you examine the latest updates to the Community Guidelines and observe them accordingly as you post until your fingers explode and your monitors bleed green and golden droplets of perfection no team that just pollutes the sport with phony purchased championships and rosters full of guys with entourages bigger than a Tuesday night Coliseum crowd can even hope to match, free parking or not.