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The Bright Side Thread (Really, There is One)

Judging by the 1500-plus comments (!) in last night's post-game thread, I'd say Athletics Nation is in infinitely better health than the team it follows. 

Says Slusser:

This is reaching ridiculous proportions: Justin Duchscherer left tonight's game in the fourth with what the A's are calling a left hip injury. Duchscherer has had two surgeries on his right hip, and he has been on the DL five times in his career.

The good news if there is any is that this is Vin Mazzaro's night to start. In the previous Drumbeat from all of 90 minutes ago, I mentioned that he'll get his chance soon if he keeps pitching so well. I didn't actually think that might mean next week.

But no one is going to feel sorry for our battered and beaten ballclub, least of all the Toronto Blue Jays, who snapped a five-game skid with yesterday's 6-3 victory.

So until the A's take the field a few minutes past 4 this afternoon, let this be your place to vent, drop a link or two, or surmise which Athletic is the next to fall down and go boom.

On second thought, scratch that last part.

Charlie Brown insurance ad

Good ol' Schroeder. Sees the bright side. Unlike walk off bunt :-)


I promised a bright side post, didn't I?  Ok, well, um, we're still tied for first.  Yay!  How about some pics and strips for breakfast?

For some reason, this reminds me of me and Bloom:

 C&H two-man_baseball

Maybe we should hire Snoopy to manage:


 Steph and the new Stomper (they still don't know what happened to the last one):


This seems like something PT would do:

Pitcher's Conference

And finally, two pictures of me in the old bleachers, many years and pounds ago:



If none of these things have changed your outlook this morning, maybe someone with a little free time would be willing to create an AN-version of this.  (Looking at you, Bloom).  Speaking of LB, he reached 35,000 comments last night.  Someone should make a cake.  Or crack-filled cookies.

That is all.

Charlie Brown It's Over

That's actually the bright side, Charlie Brown.