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Cust DFA, Chavez DH, Buck, Fox, Rosales, Patterson In: My Thoughts

10:36am - REMINDER TO THE COMMUNITY: If you quote another source, such as today's Chronicle story, please include a link. We get sued a lot less that way (seriously, though, it's the right -- and legal -- thing to do). -Nico

A few thoughts in the aftermath of all the unexpected developments (see thread below for details)...

* One positive of moving Chavez to DH is that it means Daric Barton is the everyday 1Bman, as he should be. The idea that Barton was going to sit a couple days/week never made sense. Now at least he can play everyday.

* Regarding Chavez, to me the worst news about him has come in his successes. He had 3 hits the last two days, all well struck -- and all to LF. Last night I saw him swing late through a 90MPH fastball and then line the next fastball to LF. But the pitch's location was one where in Chavez' heyday, he routinely roped that pitch to right-center for two or four bases. The ball he hit to the warning track in left-center yesterday came on a signature Chavez HR swing. But shoulder and back surgeries appear to have taken their toll on Chavez' bat speed to where he looks like he is capable of spraying balls on a line to LF -- and that's about it. We'll see.

* In my opinion, the A's should platoon Chavez and Fox at DH. Even in his prime, Chavez did not handle LHP well and he needs days off. Fox will, if nothing else (and probably nothing else), give the A's some HR power if he starts at DH.

* You may ask, why start Tyson Ross' service clock so soon? (Ross has not even pitched at AAA.) Perhaps the A's feel that with his funky delivery, Ross WILL be hurt sometime in the next 6 years no matter what. So you might as well get the best he has to offer now. That may not be a factor, but if it ever were Ross seems like the guy.

As for the Cust DFA: Can't say I saw that one coming! Carry on...

NOTE: The roster, we think:

C1 Kurt Suzuki
1B Daric Barton (Emergency Catcher)
2B Mark Ellis
3B Kevin Kouzmanoff
SS Cliff Pennington
LF Travis Buck
RF Ryan Sweeney
CF Rajai Davis
DH Eric Chavez

C2 Jake Fox 3B 1B
IF Adam Rosales
OF Gabe Gross
UTIL Eric Patterson

SP Ben Sheets
SP Justin Duchscherer
SP Brett Anderson
SP Dallas Braden
SP Gio Gonzalez

RP Andrew Bailey
RP Brad Ziegler
RP Craig Breslow
RP Chad Gaudin
RP Jerry Blevins
RP Edwar Ramirez
RP Tyson Ross