Is this what they really think?!




Ziggy article

An article today in the SFGate (see above link) where our beloved Ziggy lays into A's fans for not showing up to games in protest of the Big Bad Wolffe.




Do the players really think that there is a large contingency of A's fans consciously staying home to show their solidarity? I guess I am a bit taken aback by his comments because I was not aware that this line of thought was as seemingly pervasive in the clubhouse as he eludes.


Are you one of these fans? Are you purposefully staying home to boycott the team?


Ziggy, I know you read these pages. And you also know that we love you on AN. But I really have a hard time believing that there are a significant number of A's fans holding back attending. I think it is more symptomatic of a bad economy, 18.5% unemployment in Oakland and several losing seasons. You guys keep gutting out games and the fans will show up. Oh, and when you are talking to the guys next, please tell them to stop getting hurt. If I wanted to see AAA players I can drive to Sacramento! Ziggy: the stadium is full, we just go to all the games dressed in empty seat costumes.