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Open Thread: Game 18 - A's vs. Indians

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Well this should be interesting.

The guys at the office decided tonight was a good night to throw me a belated birthday party. Good Don, after two-and-a-half Coronas, climbed up to the top rack of the warehouse and is now curled up in the fetal position listening to Berlin's Greatest Hit.

"Take my breath away..."

So it's up to me to come up with some sort of game thread. Thanks GD.

My guess is no Cleveland Indian will dare cross the pitcher's mound tonight, but I prefer they don't go anywhere home plate, except with a bat, naturally.

Two pitchers who did not throw a single pitch in 2009 square off tonight at the Mausoleum; Justin Duchscherer for Oakland, and Jake Westbrook for the Tribe.

Says the Duke who is sporting a 2.41 ERA in the early going:

"I'm still not quite physically 100 percent," he told the Athletics' official web site. "I'm still fighting it, but I felt like I stayed in the game long enough to keep us in there."

"There" is also known as first place, which is where the A's currently sit. I'll let someone good at math figure out our magic number. Oh, I kid.

Ok, gotta run. There's a cake with my name on it. No really.

Incredibly the lineup widget is not working. Go figure.