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Yankees Turn Triple-Play, But A's Win Game; Suzuki, Braden, Ziggy Shine

You know those days when you worry that your team will be a lead story on SportsCenter, and you'll have to see replays of the game over and over again? That will happen today, but every time you see the replay of Suzuki hitting into the A's first triple-play since Geronimo Berroa in 1994, you can take satisfaction in the knowledge that the Yankees made a cool play, but the A's won the game, and salvaged the series.

True to form against the A's, CC Sabathia wobbled a bit in his start today. He did pitch the complete game; he walked six batters, while only allowing four hits. One of those hits happened to be the difference in the game; after CC walked two in the first inning (including Rajai Davis, and you have to be some kind of wild to manage that), Kurt Suzuki blasted a homerun to give the A's the early 3-0 lead. They would later pick up another run on a Rosales single, extending their lead to 4-0, before handing over the game to their pitching, hoping it would be enough.

Geren let us know in the postgame interview that Braden was playing sick today, and was taking it inning-by-inning. He lasted six innings, threw 84 pitches, and scattered six hits. The difference between him and, oh say, Gio Gonzalez, is that Braden walked only one, and the two homeruns he gave up were solos, which does appear to be the only way to beat the Yankees; hold them to only solo homeruns. The Yankees got their runs in the fifth and sixth, but the A's still held a 2-run lead, even after the rally-ending triple play in their half of the sixth.

We also got to see some absolute fire from Braden, who wasn't too sick to let A-Rod know exactly what he thought about A-Rod crossing Braden's pitching mound on the way out to the field. I think we'll also be the lead story on SportsCenter if A-Rod tries that again.

Brad Ziegler came in to replace Braden in the seventh, and he was spectacular. No walks, no hits, no errors, no runs and two perfect innings later (with the help of a snazzy jump-throw by Rosales to retire Jeter), he turned the game over to Bailey for the save. Bailey set down the heart of the Yankees' order, and just like that, the A's held the Yankees to 2 runs, and captured their 10th win of the season.

Cleveland comes to town this weekend; I hope to see you all on Sunday!

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