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The Penultimate Spring Game Thread: A's vs. Giants

Hey everybody! It's a FRIDAY NIGHT GAME THREAD! What's everyone doing?

If every game could be like last night's, it would be quite the season. Unfortunately, I think Zito only pitches for the Giants.

Cain vs. Anderson.

Here will probably be the GameDay link for my NRAF's.

Here's tonight's lineup!


Rowand, CF
Renteria, SS
Sandoval, 3B
Huff, 1B
DeRosa, LF
Molina, C
Uribe, 2B
Torres, RF
Cain, P

Your 2010 Oakland Athletics!

Crisp, CF
Davis, LF
Chavez, 1B
Kouzmanoff, 3B
Gross, RF
Ellis, 2B
Fox, C
Pennington, SS
Anderson, P

Let's Go Oak-Land!