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2010 Oakland Athletics Season Predictions: Yours!

Thank you to everyone who has already donated tickets to the Charity Baseball Game, and to those of you who have volunteered to come with me! If you'd like to donate, click here for details.

November is a cold month. Baseball has just ended and hordes of front-page bloggers everywhere are scrambling for stories about their teams. It is a time to reflect on the team's overall performance as the shiny optimism of March has worn off and 162 games have been played. Remember all the times you have looked back at a season and said, "Man, I KNEW Rajai would break-out!" or "I KNEW Bailey would win the Rookie of the Year Award!"?

Now is your chance to prove it.

Answer as many or as few of the questions as you would like in the thread!

Who wins the AL West?

In what place do the A's finish? (First, second, third, cellar)

Will the A's finish over .500?

Who will be the breakout A's Star?

Who will be the A's biggest disappointment?

What will be the biggest surprise of the season?

Combined Sheets/Duke starts?

Who will be the A's best starter?

Will any starter have 16+ wins?

How many games will Eric Chavez play?

How many strikeouts will Cust have?

How many homeruns will Fox have?

Will Sweeney/Crisp/Davis hit more than 21 homeruns combined?

What date does Carter come up? What date does Taylor come up?

Does Buck have at least 150 AB's?

Will Sheets be traded?

How many saves will Andrew Bailey have and guess his ERA?

Barton's line will be:

How many stolen bases will Rajai Davis have?

Who will be the A's All-Star?

Will anyone from the A's place in the top five in awards voting? (ROY, Cy, MVP, Manager of the Year)

Who is in the World Series (and playoffs, if you want to answer more questions)?

Who wins the World Series?

Any other outside-the-box predictions?

This thread will be called back up in November and we're going to see who made the best guesses for the season. Maybe there will even be a prize!

Tonight's game, A's vs. Giants 7:15.