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The Anti-Crosby! Rosales Leads A's To Series Win

Based on today's first start in an A's uniform, Adam Rosales can hit HRs (when nobody else can do anything off of Joe Saunders for 6 innings), hit in the clutch (turning a 3-2 deficit in the 7th into a 4-3 lead with a single to right), can lay off bad balls and draw a walk (forcing in a run and giving him 4 RBIs on the day), so...yeah, doesn't remind me of Crosby.

Dallas Braden struggled early, surrendering an Abreu HR, Hunter double, Rivera single, and 2 first inning runs, but then settled into a groove. Braden looked like he was using his cutter a lot more than usual, adjusting well to an Angels' lineup that seemed to be trying to sit "changeup." Meanwhile, a Rosales 2nd inning HR was the A's only hit for a while -- not surprising when you saw the A's lineup -- but trailing 3-1 in the 7th Oakland remembered how to score runs and score more runs (no I didn't just call you all morons), taking the lead with 3 in the 7th, adding 3 more in the 8th, and 2 in the 9th.

Braden the Warrior is returned the winning pitcher for his 6 innings of 3 run ball, and Tyson Ross gets credit for his first major league save for finishing up. And the rest of the bullpen gets a much needed day of rest.

Now one other note. I love "small ball" when it's "smart ball," but the A's need to realize that today's efforts were dumb. Daric Barton -- you know the guy who is hitting and walking like getting on base is going out of style? -- bunted Rajai Davis over to 3rd not once but twice, which was two times too many. And with Davis at 3B, Sweeney at 1B, one out and Kouzmanoff up, Sweeney ran while Raj observed, and was caught stealing. No.

But that's the only negative on a glorious day in which the A's win their first road series and first Angels' series, go to 5-2, and stay atop the Western Division. Stick around, by the way, because at 7:00pm we'll have a special fanpost on none other than today's savior: Tyson Ross.

I love Adam Rosales!!!!!!