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Open Thread: BBSG1 - A's at Giants

So we meet again, you wearers of orange and black, you who play in a league where the pitchers bat and who perform in that wondrous town across the water where your followers yearn for just one of these so they can finally stick it to their annoying kid brother, who shops at Target and resides on the wrong side of the tracks.

You may call yourselves Giants, but around here, you're small-fry.

See what happens when ED sneaks onto my computer?

It's the A's and the Giants in the first of three friendlies.  Your lineups - it's Duke vs. Zito!:


Crisp CF
Davis LF
Sweeney RF
Kouzmanoff 3B
Suzuki C
Barton 1B
Ellis 2B
Pennington SS
Duchscherer P 


Rowand CF
Renteria SS
Sandoval 3B
Huff 1B
DeRosa LF
Moliana C
Uribe 2B
Schierholtz RF
Zito P