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Open Thread: Spring Training A's vs. Royals and Rangers

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Time for split squad action today (if the rain can hold off) as the A's take on both the Royals and the Rangers. I'm assuming the A's/Royals is the main game (and maybe the one not rained out), since I have the lineup, but I'll try to keep you posted on both.

A's vs. Royals - Gameday link



Podsednik, LF
Callaspo, 3B
DeJesus, DH
Butler, 1B
Ankiel, CF
Guillen, RF
Kendall, C
Betancourt, SS
Getz, 2B

Pitching: Tejada

Your 2010 Oakland Athletics

Davis, LF
Barton, 1B
Gross, CF
Cust, DH
Powell, C
Buck, RF
Pennington, SS
Cardenas, 3B
Sogard, 2B

Pitching: Mazzaro

A's vs. Rangers - Gameday link



Borbon, CF
Young, 3B
Hamilton, LF
Guerrero, DH
Kinsler, 2B
Cruz, RF
Tracy, 1B
Richardson, C
Andrus, SS

Pitching: Harden

Your 2010 Oakland Athletics

Crisp, DH
Ellis, 2B
Sweeney, R
Kouzmanoff, 3B
Carter, 1B
Taylor, LF
Fox, C
Rosales, SS
Patterson, CF

Pitching: Cahill

Let's go OAK-LAND!