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Final Score: A's 4, Angels 2

Granted, today's runs were scored on sacrifice flies and throwing errors, and sure it's, like, March 6th, but a win's a win and it's always nice to be on the sunny side of .500, ain't it? The A's beat the Angels and rose to 2-1 on the season, and I can't help but remember that this occurred 11 months ago only to be followed by tragedy. Yes, I'm available for parties.

Anyhoozleberries, leading Oakland's fierce 8-hit barrage was Coco "one hit for each Co" Crisp. Dallas Braden pitched 2 innings, one for each foot he can feel, and Eric Patterson took a ground ball to the face. See you tomorrow for a game that's supposed to be aired on KTRB. But that's what they told me today, so....