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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 3 - A's vs. {shakes fist} Nemesis

First of all, I want to express concern that AN, collectively has a drinking problem. During a recent stretch, four our of five fanposts were about bars, which four of five doctors agree is grounds for a full-scale intervention. Maybe it's that the A's have AA hitting or maybe it's that "there's an A in Alcoholic" -- or maybe it's just that it's hard to feel good about Chavez' health when you're sober. But folks, the drinking has got to stop until I can get there.

Anyhow, it's great to see how spring training games truly do preview a season. For example, now we know that the A's offense will put up a "7-spot" in an inning every other game but that the starting pitching will sport an ERA of 7.36. I feel like this game, today, will pretty much determine whether the A's are going to win 90 games or lose 92, so it's great to have the warrior, Dallas Braden, on the mound. Hopefully, Braden's balance is better than my Wells Fargo account and he can feel at least a "clear majority" of his toes. And in case you were wondering who the A's nemesis is, they're playing the Angels.