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A's Lose Final Phoenix Game; Roster Decisions Loom Large

Dogs marrying cats! Writing desks and ravens! Nothing was like it seemed in today's game, except the now-predictable lack of offense. Cust was a late scratch due to allergies, so soon-to-be-Sactown-bound Powell stepped in. Eric Chavez started the game at third base and ended up at shortstop, and Jake Fox played third and catcher.

It is almost certain that the A's are keeping both Patterson and Fox on the roster, with no regular backup shortstop in place. Regarding this news; it is my understanding that Chavez and/or Ellis will serve the role of emergency backup. I suppose this is all well and good in a true emergency; I'm sure Pennington is durable enough to play every game, but as someone pointed out in the game thread, what happens if the A's want to actually use their bench players for some late-inning power? Do you really want Chavez and/or Ellis playing out of position in a late-inning tie game?

Here's the list of A's hits today (Pennington had a sac fly):

Buck (2)

Travis Buck had another RBI in his futile quest to impress the A's before the season starts. Susan Slusser on the Buancast had nothing but nice things to say about Buck, but his chances of making the team are slim to none. I can't remember a roster that has relied so heavily on options, and it should be no surprise. We knew the 25 man would be a fight right down to the wire, and it looks like the A's could star in Hoarders; they are trying to keep as many players as they can.

You don't want to know Braden's line. (If you do, it wasn't good: 5.1IP, 12H, 7ER, 1BB, 2K, 2HR.)

Kilby provided the exact opposite of relief when he came in to finish the sixth inning, but the good news is that Bailey is back! Our closer threw an inning with a walk and a strikout and no runs allowed. Henry Rodriguez also pitched a scoreless inning, as did Gaudin.

The A's would lose 8-3. The team will now leave Arizona to come back to the Bay Area...which means...BASEBALL IS STARTING!

I love this comment from AV:

Spring training is like a roadtrip in a big van with your extended family and a couple pets too, which is nice for the hanging out and memories and all, but i just want to say...


Almost, kids. Almost.

For upcoming AN events, and a charity opportunity, check out today's earlier post and let me know your feedback.