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Upcoming NorCal and SoCal AN Events And Baseball Charity Thoughts

From Susan Slusser:

The A's are convinced that neither Fox nor Patterson would clear waivers, so indications are that catcher Landon Powell and utility infield candidate Adam Rosales will be sent out because they have options left. Powell and Rosales are still expected to contribute to the club during the season - Rosales, in particular, if the team decides that a real backup shortstop is a necessity.

Right now, second baseman Mark Ellis would be the emergency backup to Cliff Pennington because Eric Chavez has yet to play shortstop in a game.

If this is true, I disagree. I would rather take Nico's suggestion of sending Powell down, letting Patterson go, and keeping Rosales. I think more than an "emergency" backup is needed at short, and I would rather not take the chance of Ellis playing out of position. Plus Patterson? Really?

Are you a NRAF (Non-Resident A's Fan)? I'd love to know if any other cities (New York, Midwest?) are planning on hosting an AN event this season. Reply in this thread and email me and I'll see if I can secure some giveaways. You can also offer your opinion on our charity donations.

In case you haven't been reading the FanPosts lately, there is a lot going on with the AN community. To make it easier on all of our calendars, I have decided to collect events and dates, and let you know what is being planned for this upcoming season. In additional to the two tailgates that are already on the books; we are hosting not one, but two AN Days at the Coliseum, and I'm not lying when I tell you that the Angels have called me three times to find out why the Southern California ANers aren't visiting Anaheim next weekend.

Let's start with this week for my Northern California ANers and visitors. 

AN Tailgate, A's v. Giants 4/3/10

This will be followed by a tailgate next month:

A's v. CLE 4/25/10

The two AN Days are being planned right now; one will be a BBQ tailgate like we have had the last few years, and one will be an official A's BBQ Terrace event, hopefully with some A's guests.

AN Day VII - The Tailgate 7/10/10

This request was made back in January by a Portland NRAF, and since it's a night game, it should work out perfectly for a good AN tailgate.

We are looking for a Saturday for the second AN Day; it likely will depend on the schedules of any speakers that we might have. Ticket information will be available as soon as I have it. Do we have any date preferences?

Now, my Southern California ANers. The A's are in Anaheim next weekend; I will probably be there on Sunday, but it's a crazy weekend for me; hence the lack of planning, but luckily, the A's are back in May. I told the Angels we would consider Saturday, May 15th in Anaheim; can we get a SoCal group together for that day? (The A's aren't back until September after that.) Post below if you are interested; tickets will be about $20.

And finally...I have been given some A's 1989 memorabilia and I need to find a philanthropic way to get it into the hands of A's fans. What do you think?

First of all, did you know that on this year's California tax return, you can make a donation to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)?

Second of all, I received a box all the way from Idaho from someone who ended up with a lot of 1989 A's pennants (with the roster printed on them) as well as A's and Padres player postcards (they look like they are from a Smokey the Bear fire prevention giveaway).

The pennants look like this and are in great shape:


The only requirement to getting these into the hands of A's fans is that they are to be used for a philanthropic cause, at which AN is exceptionally good. I have about 150 of these pennants and tons of postcards, and I want to give them all away.

The only idea I came up with immediately is a cause personal to me, which would put me at a Dodgers game with kids who have never seen a baseball game.

Some of you know that I volunteer downtown at the Rescue Mission in Los Angeles' Skid Row. The mission sleeps 1,000 people every night right now; and at any time, there are between 70-90 kids who live there with one or both of their parents. These kids can play basketball and jump-rope like rock stars, but despite living three miles away from Dodger Stadium, they have never seen a live baseball game.

However; baseball is still a dream for these kids. Sunday, in fact, a high school baseball team came to visit them, told them a little about baseball, and left them old gloves, and some signed baseballs. The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever, and couldn't stop talking about it or playing with the gloves. I know this is not an A's game (logistically, a Dodgers game is much more feasible than the Angels for these kids), and it's not an Oakland event, but it is a chance to expose some potential future baseball players to the sport at a young age. I'd love to help these kids get to a game. 

The mission may be located on the "wrong" side of the L.A. skyline, but this is the view from the roof.


When I took this picture, I'm standing on another entire story up on the roof ( which is a huge square area with a five foot high surrounding wall) that the mission is trying to turn into usable space; for picnics, for showing movies, for playing outside games; the kids' very own "park", if you will. Right now, the floor is covered in concrete, but their dream is to cover it in AstroTurf. In an economic climate where every spare dime is going to feed and house people, as you can imagine, there isn't a lot of money for flooring. Or for baseball.

Because I know how politically, socially, and religiously diverse AN is (which is my most favorite thing about it), I am not promoting a specific organization; I just want to take kids to a ballgame. No third party would be involved except to borrow the kids for the day; this would be all on me. We could do something like make a donation, receive an A's pennant? 

So that's what I've been thinking, but I know that there are tons of worthy causes out there, and I'd love to hear input, thoughts, other ideas, or if anyone would like to help.

Thanks SO much for the AMAZING donation of A's pennants (you know who you are), and thanks for the thoughts/input!