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Open Thread: Game -5 (Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox)

That's right, five Spring Training games left! To be more accurate, this is the second to last Arizona game, as the A's head to AT&T Park in San Francisco for a three-game exhibition set starting on Thursday, April 1st. Opening Day is at home against the Mariners on Monday.

We've got Ben Sheets ready to go today against Mark Buehrle, who currently has a Spring Training ERA about 14 runs lower than his competitor. First pitch is at 1:05.

Lineups are after the jump.

Gameday Link

Oakland Athletics

CF Crisp

LF Davis

RF Sweeney

3B Kouzmanoff

C Suzuki

DH Chavez

1B Barton

SS Rosales

2B Patterson


Chicago White Sox

DH Pierre

2B Beckham

RF Quentin

1B Konerko

CF Rios

3B Teahen

SS Vizquel

LF Kroeger

C Lucy