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Poetry with baseballgirl: Hey, it worked in 2006

`Twas the eve of the season and all through the nation
A's fans were waiting in anticipation
Spring Training’s in swing; the games start tomorrow
A fine time for cheer after the long winter sorrow

The players, we hope, are sound asleep in their beds
Minus alarm clocks, or allergies, or injury meds
Billy Beane and Bob Geren with their gold "best friend" rings
Had just started discussing baseball-y things.

But what does AN think? Geren asked with concern
Billy winked as if he had so much to learn
AN wants Pujols, Hanley and A-Rod,
King Felix, Santana; they’ll give them a nod

But what can we offer? Geren asked with a smile
How can we make their 2010 worthwhile?
There’s so many users and so many threads
What if they want to talk about sock puppets instead?

Billy’s eyes, how they twinkled, his dimples shown through
He said, I forget, that you’re still quite new
There are plenty of rookies to notice and foster
AN will watch paint dry if it comes with a roster

I’ve given them Sheets and Crisp and Koooooz
Two-thirds injury prone, but that’s nothing new
Add in Duchscherer and Chavy just for the thrill
I certainly hope the front office has the medical bill

I’ve also subtracted some players; that you can tell
I had a feeling that things weren’t working out very well
Holliday’s gone; his stint in Oakland was up
And I bet that he certainly now wears a cup

After frustration, much angst and seven long years
And not without seasons and seasons of tears
Crosby is gone, and not a moment too soon
He would have been replaced by Leopold Bloom

Daric Barton is the next up on the block
His job at first base anything but a lock
Look to Fox, and Chavez, and in our Triple-A
Chris Carter will prove he’s not there to stay

Are the Angels still good? The jury's still out
Can Seattle compete? There’s always a doubt.
Will our pitching stay healthy? You make the call.
We’ll win the West if they can just hang onto the ball.

We're away from the basics of Moneyball play
Baserunning fun is now here to stay
Do you remember the days when Rickey was here
Who then gave the fans every reason to cheer

Beane spoke one more word, and then turned to go
Leaving Geren to yet another chance at the show
Geren vowed that he would not let this season pass
Things will be different! We're kicking some ass!

Mike Scioscia’s got nothing; I have double the team
Plus the magic GM, a one Billy Beane
He turned to the sky, and started to sing
This is it! Wait for it; I want a real ring!

He ran back to camp; his hair all a-flying
He logged onto AN with the handle STILLTRYING
He read all the stories and the fan posts too
He could quote options and waivers, OBP and WHIP too

And finished, he exclaimed with a wide happy grin: