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Open Thread: A's vs. Rockies - Et Tu, Wuertzy?

UPDATE, 3:16PDT: Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the A's have reached an agreement with Chad Gaudin. Presumably to pitch for us.

Let's get the Wuertz part of this post out of the way fuerst. That deep and splendoriffic A's bullpen took another blow when the A's announced, according to Susan Slusser, that Michael Wuertz has a "balky shoulder" -- and not just in that "advance the runner one base" kind of way -- and will see a doctor tomorrow instead of the mound today.

Wuertz is now very much a question mark for Opening Day. Meloan: TJ surgery. Devine: DL for at least half of April. Breslow and Bailey: Slowed down in spring training. Now Wuertz has shoulder soreness. This is why you accumulate as many good relievers as you possibly can.

Meanwhile, the A's and Brett Anderson take on the Rockies and Jorge De La Rosa, with this Slusser-tweeted lineup:

Crisp - DH
- CF
- 2B
- 1B
- C
- 3B
- RF
- SS
- LF