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Open Thread - Spring Training: A's vs. Rangers, A's vs. Cubs

It's a double-dip day of baseball as the A's have not one, but two games to be played this afternoon! In what has become a true battle to claim a spot on the 25 man roster, the fringe players have only a week to make one last impression on A's management before final roster decisions are made.

We'll start with the game in Surprise, which pits Vin Mazzaro against Rich Harden. As an AL West rival, this team should start to look very familiar!



Borbon, CF
Young, 3B
Hamilton, LF
Guerrero, DH
Cruz, RF (Hi, favorite player on Team BBG!!!)
Davis, 1B
Arias, 2B
Treanor, C
Andrus, SS

Your 2010 Oakland Athletics

Davis, CF
Barton, 1B
Sweeney, RF
Cust, DH
Fox, 3B
Gross, LF
Rosales, SS
Recker, C
Tolleson, 2B

Fox will be one to watch today. He has one week left to show anything of value. Also, with the current limitations, Rosales, despite his awesome Spring, has an option left and is by no means guaranteed a spot on the roster.


Dallas Braden will be starting against the Cubs in Mesa this afternoon in the other game. The lineup behind him looks like this:

Crisp CF
Patterson 2B
Chavez 1B
Kouzmanoff 3B
Buck RF
Taylor LF
Powell C
Pennington SS
Braden P

Patterson will be the one to watch for the 25-man race in this game, although it is possible that Rosales and Pennington are still competing for playing time. I just don't think Buck has a shot at all.

Let's play some baseball!