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Open Thread - Spring Training: A's vs. Dodgers

Gameday is not up yet, but Jane Lee tweeted us some lineups and some pitchers!

Gio Gonzalez will be starting, followed Trevor Cahill, as the A's take the field in this night game.

There is a rumor that this game is televised, at least in the Bay Area (I'm looking for it in LA), so you might even be able to watch it! We have a shoutout from gigglingone, who wants everyone to know that there are only twelve days left until Opening Day! And if anyone is reading AN from the park tonight, I'm jealous!

Your 2010 Oakland Athletics:

Crisp, CF
Davis, LF
Suzuki, C
Kouzmanoff, 3B
Chavez, 1B
Sweeney, RF
Cust, DH
Rosales, 2B
Pennington, SS