WLD - 3/20/10 - Weekend Link Dump or Weekly Link Dump? Basically it's all movie stuff regardless of what this dump is called.

It has been a while since a fresh link dump was made.  Sure we could keep commenting on the old one but people tend to lose interest in going here after it has been a few days.  I notices a flurry of friday night activity but I think that was mostly the alcohol typing.  It also has been a while since I have posted a link dump, so I guess I'm due.  This won't be an epic iglew DLD or massive LB thread about squirrels but hopefully it will get you through the weekend.


1st up is a few movie trailers. WHAT? Movie trailers from micdog2001, that's odd. And before you complain, almost all of them are sequels or remakes.  Sorry but I'm really excited for these films anyways. 


Mostly the same as the 1st trailer but this has a little more action and a tiny bit more plot. The Iron Man suitcase at the end was pretty cool.  The only thing I am worried about is Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. Photobucket

The Black Widow is supposed to be Russian and I wonder if Johansson has a convincing accent.  Saying this is basically an excuse to post pics of Scarlett, rawr!


War Machine is the name of the black and white suit worn by Jim "Rhoddy" Rhodes in the comics and now in the 2 film.  One of the songs played in the trailer is called, wait for it, War Machine by AC/DC.  Iron Man 2 comes ou in May.




Another trailer I saw recently was for Predators, directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace, and Alice Braga.  I like that they are taking the story back to the Jungle.




The new Tron Legacy film has a 2nd trailer, revealing a little more to the story of the sequel.  I can't embed this one as it has been disabled by request from Disney but here is a link.

Tron Legacy trailer 2



 My final trailer is of a movie that might never be released in the United States (according to

there is no US release date set, and… just hazarding a guess based on the fact that the movie’s a comedy about a quartet of terrorists… don’t hold your breath for one.




The movie Expendables has a sick movie poster out  That looks awesome!


There is also talk of a remake of the movie Monster Squad. 

 And of Highlander.


And finally I leave you with this epic picture of Batman fighting a shark with a light saber. See the original here at Photobucket

I was planning on putting up more than just movie links but this took two hours so I'm going to go play Call Of Duty for a little before going to bed. I leave the linking on non-movie stuff to you AN.